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Watch and swim with dolphins in Mauritius

"Enjoy a full day speedboat tour in the south-west of Mauritius and savour a delicious barbecued lunch on Benitiers island. "

Awesome swim with dolphins tour in the west of Mauritius

Dolphin watch had always been an interesting attraction both for adults and children alike.
Nature lovers will appreciate this swim with dolphin trip during holiday in Mauritius.
This tour takes place along the south-west coast of Mauritius which is the only place of the island where certainty of encounter with dolphins can be as high as 99.9%.

This speedboat tour starts at 8h00 at Tamarin bay. The skippers will start searching for dolphins. The search time varies between 10 minutes to half hour depending the location where the dolphins will be. Once located, participants will have 2 hours to enjoy the view. Those who want to dive with dolphins will be accompany by an experience skipper who will guide and help them

After swimming with the dolphins the speedboat will head to key location for snorkeling where participants will be able to discover the beauty of our marine flora and fauna.

A barbecued lunch will be served on Benitiers (Clam) island under the shade of filaos trees, followed by free time to enjoy the beach.
The cruise ends with a snorkeling stop near the Crystal rock is also included as part of the package.

The rate for this swim with dolphins speedboat trip in Mauritius do not include road transfer to and from the boat

About dolphins in Mauritius

The south-west part of Mauritius is the place to be for guests who want to see dolphins. Tamarin Bay harbours large groups of dolphins, mainly two species; Bottlenose and Spinner.

Spinner dolphins are known for their acrobatics and aerial behaviors. A spinner dolphin comes out of the water front first and twists its body as it rises into the air. When it reaches its maximum height, the dolphin descends back into the water, landing on its side. A dolphin can make two to 5.5 spins in one leap; the swimming and rotational speed of the dolphin as it spins underwater affects the number of spins it can do while airborne. These spins may serve several functions. Dolphins may also make nose-outs, tail slaps, flips, head slaps, "salmon leaps", and side and back slaps.

Bottlenose dolphins are grey, varying from dark grey at the top near the dorsal fin to very light grey and almost white at the underside. This countershading makes them hard to see, both from above and below, when swimming. Adults range from 2 to 4 metres (6.6 to 13.1 ft), and 150 to 650 kilograms (330 to 1,430 lb). Males are, on average, slightly longer and considerably heavier than females. In most parts of the world, the adults are about 2.5 m (8.2 ft), and 200 to 300 kilograms (440 to 660 lb).

Swimming with dolphins in Mauritius

Swim with dolphins in Mauritius is done by speedboat. Another alternative for dolphin watch is by catamaran

Transfers for dolphin tour by speedboat.

No free transfer. Can be organize at request at extra charge.

Lunch during dolphins tour by speedboat.

Lunch include barbecued fish, chicken and sausage accompany by rice, pasta, bread, cooked and raw salads. Blazed banana for dessert.

Drinks during dolphins speedboat tour.

Local beers, wine, rum, punch, water and other non-alcoholic fizzy drinks available at will throughout the day.

Special meal request.

We provide vegetarian meal on demand. Client with special needs must inform us about it with sufficient time prior to trip date so that we can bring necessary modification.

Program (7 hours)

Our program for dolphins tour by speedboat starts by picking guests at their accommodation as from 6h00. Pickup time vary from 6h00 to 7h15 depending on location. This option applies only if transfer is organize by us.

Boarding starts at 7h45 on the south west coast at Tamarin bay. Search for dolphins starts immediately after boarding. First two hours are for dolphins watch and swimming with them followed by snorkeling on the coral reef and picnic on Benitiers island.

After lunch, guests will have possibility to enjoy the beach and lagoon of Benitiers island before moving back

*Due to circumstances beyond our control, the program below can be slightly modified without notice

  • 1

    Morning activities

    Search for dolphins. Dolphins watch. Swimming with dolphins. Snorkeling on the coral reef. Cruising towards Benitiers island

  • 2

    Lunch time

    Lunch time on the Benitiers island where guests will enjoy a nice barbecued meal in the beautiful paradise environment of the south-west coast of Mauritius.

  • 3

    Enjoy beach of Benitiers island.

    Free time on Benitiers island. Back to the boat. Snorkeling near the Crystal rock.

  • 4

    Navigating back

    Back to departure point. End of dolphin watch excursion


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Paul – May 11, 2016:

Simply fabulous!

Sandra – March 10, 2016:

Never seen so much dolphins in the wild at the same time. My kids enjoyed it. wonderful experience!

Amar – January 05, 2017:

Thanks for your professionalism guys! We recommend it.

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